Printing is one of those functions which most businesses take for granted. It remains largely unnoticed until something goes wrong. Using Original HP Toner and Ink ensures reliable, consistent print quality. The heart of the HP print system is the actual toner cartridge. It contains 70% of the working components of the printer, so replacing a cartridge is actually refreshing your printer.

SupplyMaster can help ensure the continuity of your printing environment with a range of value-added services and programs, as well as help optimize your fleet to deliver greater productivity and cost savings. SupplyMaster services and offerings include:

IT print environment audit with HP Direct

A comprehensive audit of your printing environment, working in tandem with our strategic partner, HP, and stakeholders within your business. Identify all network-connected and standalone printers in your environment, then design and implement an optimization plan to maximize efficiency.

Device upgrade/refresh

Identify opportunities for device consolidation. Upgrade/refresh to new energy-efficient devices, and determine best locations within the physical environment for placement. Match device features and capabilities with end-user needs and usage requirements.

Monthly toner and supplies program

Conduct 30-day page counts to identify cost-saving opportunities. Implement scheduled toner and supplies delivery/install program to reduce waste and ensure availability of consumables and printing continuity.

Service and maintenance

Ongoing service, maintenance, and regular print environment checkups provided by certified HP technicians as per the contract with HP direct.

Next-day break/fix services

Break/fix services available in 2 to 4 hours in most cases.

Business equipment and supplies

For most orders, next-day delivery of 50,000+ products at industry-best pricing. Order tracking and audit provided.


We specialize in working with schools.

SupplyMaster is a leading provider of technology and office products to K-12 schools and other public sector entities, specializing in HP printers and genuine HP toner and supplies. Since first opening its doors in 1984, SupplyMaster has become a mainstay of the southern California education market, providing customers with 50,000+ business products via a network of over 60 nationwide distributors—with next-day delivery available for most orders.

SupplyMaster is also a certified HP Managed Print Specialist that consults with K-12 schools to optimize their print environment and maximize fleet efficiency. Working alongside strategic partner HP, SupplyMaster conducts an audit of a school district's printing environment to identify opportunities for improvement. The company then designs and implements an optimization plan that often includes device consolidation and upgrades scheduled toner and ink cartridge replacement, and ongoing service and maintenance—all of it delivered through HP Managed Print Services. Schools that implement an optimization plan developed by SupplyMaster and HP can quickly realize a return on their investment, from immediate cost savings related to fewer printers in the fleet to greater end-user satisfaction and less device downtime.

SupplyMaster can be reached by phone at (800) 660-2580 / (760) 745-2580, or via email at:

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