Keeping Green Green

earth friendly iconFrom innovative, energy-efficient printers and MFPs to its industry-leading Planet Partners recycling program, HP is leading the charge in making sure that green stays green.

On the product side of the aisle, newer HP printers and multifunction devices are designed to be ENERGY STAR qualified, which means that they use far less energy than their predecessors—up to 50 percent less energy, in some instances. Additionally, HP printers offer duplex (two-sided) printing to reduce paper consumption.

When it comes to recycling, the HP Planet Partners program is one of the most successful (and impactful) recycling programs of the last 25 years. In fact, since 1991, the HP Planet Partners program has collected over 500 million HP ink and toner cartridges worldwide for recycling. That’s more than half a billion kept out of landfills!

So, how does the HP Planet Partners recycling program work?

Most district’s return empty cartridges to the district warehouse for bulk recycling. Once a pallet of 75 cartridges are collected, a simple email request sent to Susan is all it takes to arrange for a pallet pick up. HP credits the district 10 PurchasEdge Points for every cartridge recycled, rewarding districts with free printers using PurchasEdge redemption.

Don’t want to collect cartridges in the district warehouse?

When you purchase an Original HP LaserJet cartridge, each one is packaged with a postage-paid return label for your convenience—it doesn’t get any easier than that! You can also order other shipping supplies online for free, including a bulk box and pallet pick-up for large quantities.

SupplyMaster is proud to be a long-term participant in the HP Planet Partners program, and to offers its customers energy-efficient, high-performance printers and MFPs from HP.

It Pays to Recycle with PurchaseEdge